Studies show that we spend 90% of our time indoors. Live in spaces you love.


Relative Space Studios strives to craft beautiful, inspiring interiors that tell the story of those who inhabit them. Each client is different and each project is inspired by those unique preferences - and driven by how each client wants to feel in their space. Working with Relative Space Studios means an astounding aesthetic, a transparent process and fun!


The talent.

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Allie Winstanley
Interior Designer

D.C. born, Philadelphia educated, Chicago grown, Somerset settled. Always taking inspiration from surroundings, experiences, travels, and clients.  



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Wojcik & Associates Architects

MP Custom Made

Superior Custom Furniture



Color Consultation

Color has the ability to energize, invigorate, relax, and soothe. Selecting the correct hue sets the tone and gives personality to a room. Let us select the perfect color combination that best suit your energy and style.

Space Planning

A well-planned space is used to its utmost potential and suits the functional needs of its user. Things we consider: function, scale, style.

Curating the perfect mix of furniture and accessories give life to the design by adding color, texture and personality. These are the aspects that help tell the story. 

Furnishing Curation

No one notices a well-lit room because you just see a beautiful room but it is one aspect of a space that is typically overlooked. Good lighting is dependent on the right style, scale, function, and lumen distribution. Let's light your space specific to fit your need, style, and budget.


Sometimes your vision for a space goes beyond ordinary finds and outstrips the possibilities of conventional retail. Whether it is custom cabinetry, furniture, or a show-stopping fireplace, let's design together.

custom installations


Construction drawings keep the client, designer and contractor on the same page and set expectations. Comprehensive drawings reduce scope and budget creep and help result in projects that are on time and in budget.